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<link href="//netdna.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.0.0/css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet" id="bootstrap-css"> <script src="//netdna.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.0.0/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script> <script src="//code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.1.min.js"></script> <!------ Include the above in your HEAD tag ----------> <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <h2>Create your snippet's HTML, CSS and Javascript in the editor tabs</h2> </div> </div> <!-- Footer --> <footer class="myfooter"> <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-sm-3"> <h4 class="title-widget">Sumi</h4> <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin suscipit, libero a molestie consectetur, sapien elit lacinia mi.</p> <!-- <ul class="social-icon"> <a href="#" class="social"><i class="fa fa-facebook" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> <a href="#" class="social"><i class="fa fa-twitter" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> <a href="#" class="social"><i class="fa fa-instagram" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> <a href="#" class="social"><i class="fa fa-youtube-play" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> <a href="#" class="social"><i class="fa fa-google" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> <a href="#" class="social"><i class="fa fa-dribbble" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> </ul> --> <ul class="social social-circle"> <li> <a href="#" class="icoFacebook"><i class="fa fa-facebook"></i></a></li> <li> <a href="#" class="icoTwitter"> <i class="fa fa-twitter"></i> </a> </li> <li> <a href="#" class="icoGoogle"> <i class="fa fa-google-plus"></i> </a> </li> <li> <a href="#" class="icoRss"> <i class="fa fa-youtube"></i> </a> </li> </ul> </div> <div class="col-sm-3"> <h4 class="title-widget">My Account</h4> <span class="acount-icon"> <a href="#"><i class="fa fa-heart" aria-hidden="true"></i> Wish List</a> <a href="#"><i class="fa fa-cart-plus" aria-hidden="true"></i> Cart</a> <a href="#"><i class="fa fa-user" aria-hidden="true"></i> Profile</a> <a href="#"><i class="fa fa-globe" aria-hidden="true"></i> Language</a> </span> </div> <div class="col-sm-3"> <h4 class="title-widget">Category</h4> <div class="category"> <a href="#" class="zoom">men</a> <a href="#" class="zoom">women</a> <a href="#" class="zoom">boy</a> <a href="#" class="zoom">girl</a> <a href="#" class="zoom">bag</a> <a href="#" class="zoom">teshart</a> <a href="#" class="zoom">top</a> <a href="#" class="zoom">shos</a> <a href="#" class="zoom">glass</a> <a href="#" class="zoom">kit</a> <a href="#" class="zoom">baby dress</a> <a href="#" class="zoom">kurti</a> </div> </div> <div class="col-sm-3"> <h4 class="title">Payment Methods</h4> <p>Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.</p> <ul class="payment"> <li><a href="#"><i class="fa fa-cc-amex zoom" aria-hidden="true"></i></a></li> <li><a href="#"><i class="fa fa-credit-card zoom" aria-hidden="true"></i></a></li> <li><a href="#"><i class="fa fa-paypal zoom" aria-hidden="true"></i></a></li> <li><a href="#"><i class="fa fa-cc-visa zoom" aria-hidden="true"></i></a></li> </ul> </div> </div> <hr> <div class="row text-center"> © 2017. Gopiballavpur.com</div> </div> <!-- ./container --> </footer> <div class="myfooter-bottom"> <div class="container"> <p class="pull-left"> Copyright © Footer E-commerce Plugin 2014. All right reserved. </p> <div class="pull-right"> <ul class="nav nav-pills payments"> <li><i class="fa fa-cc-visa"></i></li> <li><i class="fa fa-cc-mastercard"></i></li> <li><i class="fa fa-cc-amex"></i></li> <li><i class="fa fa-cc-paypal"></i></li> </ul> </div> </div> </div> <!--/.footer-bottom-->
@import url(https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Alegreya+Sans:400,100,100italic,300,300italic,400italic,500,500italic,700,700italic,800,800italic,900,900italic); @import url(//maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.2.0/css/font-awesome.min.css); /* myfooter */ .myfooter { padding: 50px 0 20px 0; background-color: #35404f; color: #878c94; } .myfooter .title-widget { text-align: left; color:#fff; font-size: 25px; font-weight: 300; line-height: 1; position: relative; text-transform: uppercase; font-family: 'Fjalla One', sans-serif; margin-top: 0; margin-right: 0; margin-bottom: 25px; margin-left: 0; padding-left: 28px; } .myfooter .title-widget::before { background-color: #ea5644; content: ""; height: 22px; left: 0px; position: absolute; top: -2px; width: 5px; } .myfooter .social-icon{padding:0px;margin:0px;} .myfooter .social-icon a{display:inline-block;color:#fff;font-size:25px;padding:5px;} .myfooter .acount-icon a{display:block;color:#fff;font-size:18px;padding:5px;text-decoration:none;} .myfooter .acount-icon .fa{margin-right:25px;} .myfooter .category a { text-decoration: none; color: #fff; display: inline-block; padding: 5px 20px; margin: 1px; border-radius:4px; margin-top: 6px; background-color: black; border: solid 1px #fff; } .myfooter ul { font-size: 13px; list-style-type: none; margin-left: 0; padding-left: 0; margin-top: 15px; color: #7F8C8D; } .myfooter .payment{margin:0px;padding:0px;list-style-type:none} .myfooter .payment li{list-style-type:none} .myfooter .payment li a { text-decoration: none; display: inline-block; color: #fff; float: left; font-size: 25px; padding: 10px 10px; } .myfooter ul.social { list-style: none; display: inline; margin-left:0 !important; padding: 0; } .myfooter ul.social li { display: inline; margin: 0 5px; } .myfooter .social li:hover { transform: scale(1.15) rotate(360deg); -webkit-transform: scale(1.1) rotate(360deg); -moz-transform: scale(1.1) rotate(360deg); -ms-transform: scale(1.1) rotate(360deg); -o-transform: scale(1.1) rotate(360deg); } .myfooter .social a.icoRss:hover { background-color: #F56505; } .myfooter .social a.icoFacebook:hover { background-color:#3B5998; } .myfooter .social a.icoTwitter:hover { background-color:#33ccff; } .myfooter .social a.icoGoogle:hover { background-color:#BD3518; } .myfooter .social a.icoVimeo:hover { background-color:#0590B8; } .myfooter .social a.icoLinkedin:hover { background-color:#007bb7; } .myfooter .social a.icoRss:hover i, .myfooter .social a.icoFacebook:hover i, .myfooter .social a.icoTwitter:hover i, .myfooter .social a.icoGoogle:hover i, .myfooter .social a.icoVimeo:hover i, .myfooter .social a.icoLinkedin:hover i { color:#fff; } a.myfooter .socialIcon:hover, .myfooter .socialHoverClass { color:#44BCDD; } .myfooter .social-circle li a { display:inline-block; position:relative; margin:0 auto 0 auto; -moz-border-radius:50%; -webkit-border-radius:50%; border-radius:50%; text-align:center; width: 50px; height: 50px; font-size:20px; } .myfooter .social-circle li i { margin:0; line-height:50px; text-align: center; } .myfooter .social-circle li a:hover i, .triggeredHover { -moz-transform: rotate(360deg); -webkit-transform: rotate(360deg); -ms--transform: rotate(360deg); transform: rotate(360deg); -webkit-transition: all 0.2s; -moz-transition: all 0.2s; -o-transition: all 0.2s; -ms-transition: all 0.2s; transition: all 0.2s; } .myfooter .social-circle i { color: #fff; -webkit-transition: all 0.8s; -moz-transition: all 0.8s; -o-transition: all 0.8s; -ms-transition: all 0.8s; transition: all 0.8s; } .myfooter-bottom { background: #E3E3E3; border-top: 1px solid #DDDDDD; padding-top: 10px; padding-bottom: 10px; } .myfooter-bottom p.pull-left { padding-top: 6px; } .payments { font-size: 1.5em; } /* zooming class */ .zoom:hover { -webkit-transform: scale(1.4); -moz-transform: scale(1.4); -o-transform: scale(1.4); } .zoom { -webkit-transform: scale(1); /* Browser Variations: */ -moz-transform: scale(1); -o-transform: scale(1); -webkit-transition-duration: 0.3s; -moz-transition-duration: 0.3s; -o-transition-duration: 0.3s; }

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