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BootStrap TreeView

Hi. Excellent code. I have a question. I was in a situation that i need to copy one child to orther node. Do you know how can i do that. Thank´s a lot. Sorry the English. It´s not so good.

luciani (0) - 16 minutes ago - 0 replies 0

bootstrap Kilimanjaro nice blog

why my css doesnt run im using codeigniter as my framewrok <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo base_url().'../css/gaya.css'?>" type="text/css" > it doesnt run when i use yours <link href="css/gaya.css" rel="stylesheet"> also not working

rahmanadwi (0) - 10 hours ago - 0 replies 0

animated search bar

Hi,I see the searchfield on the background behind the icon(circle) which appears white. How do i get rid of that? Please help.Thanks

Raichel (0) - 1 day ago - 0 replies 0

LightGallery using jQuery

Hey can you send me the full code? It's for a school project. Thanks in advance

MiguelPeixoto (0) - 2 days ago - 0 replies 0

Bootstrap 4 Social Network Post - TheMashaBrand

Thanks for sending me your portfolio page I love your designs and that you work with others, but in checking out the various designs I came across a major security risk that could cost your site hundred if not thousands, who ever done your site hosting should be fired but if that is you sorry to say I would love to offer my services at $70.00 per months to help you secure and know your visitors to keep people out of the places they are not supposed to be or areas they are not supposed to StumbleUpon that can cost your business. Please save this comment to a text file and delete this comment. my emails is I run a radio station and automate a lot of the functions on my radio station as well as other hobbies in my spare time.I look forward to hearing back from you I'm Ryehean

thecodinggame (1) - 3 days ago - 0 replies 0

Pricing Table

can I know it is free to let me modify it? btw thanks your example is really good and nice !!

Cheewingtan (1) - 4 days ago - 1 replies 1

Floating label css

how to add js file or how to donwload the whole project ?

sohailahm (0) - 5 days ago - 0 replies 0

Bootstrap 4 Social Network Post - TheMashaBrand

Great Design I have been piecing together a Social Network and this design is too good. Keep up the great work

thecodinggame (1) - 5 days ago - 0 replies 1

Product Shopping Grid Styles

everything is OK now, link to css file was bad haha.thanks, awesome work!

DrorDv (2) - 6 days ago - 1 replies 2

Product Shopping Grid Styles

This is just a great job. thank you. im trying to apply Shopping Demo-3, but it doesn't look the same. every "card" is taking the all width.i tried to play around with the code ,but it seems the line <div class="col-md-3 col-sm-6"> didn't effect. products are in a row and the taking the whole page width.what am i doing wrong?Just to make it clear - im trying it on clean html file such as bootstrap starter template did replaced the css \ js script same as here (ver 4.1.1)thanks.

DrorDv (2) - 6 days ago - 1 replies 2

Add Multiple fields Dynamically

Is there a way to make it so that when i click the remove button, the current field is the one remove instead of the previous field.

matrixmy002 (0) - 1 week ago - 0 replies 0

Dashboard Template (Sidebar icons animated)

hello its look like beauty sidebar ,but i have a problem the drop-down is not working instead i have been located the java script file please can u help methanks

sarmandasi (0) - 1 week ago - 0 replies 0

Hover Effect Style

Nice work !. Wonder if can use for bootstrap 3 ?

sdw5 (1) - 1 week ago - 1 replies 2

Checked List Group

Hello. Thanks for the great Checked listbox. I am a bit of a noob to JQuery / JavaScript.Does anybody have a snip of code to add a element via a script. I have already got a script to add a element but it does not have the theming and functionality like the other itemsThanksCol

colinturner99 (0) - 2 weeks ago - 0 replies 0

Anirudha Bhowmik star rating

Use this one instead.

Rustem-bayetov (0) - 2 weeks ago - 0 replies 0

Bootstrap Content Slider

I'm sure I've missed the obvious, but , how does one set the carousel/slider parameters such as speed, transition, arrows, etc. Thanks for the post.--- Tom

10Goto10 (0) - 2 weeks ago - 0 replies 0

Bootstrap 4 Carousel

If I try this code offline is not working. I mean is not transiting

itolimaesther (0) - 2 weeks ago - 1 replies 0

animated accordion

How would I get this animated accordion to work inside of Meteor?

Cassiopeia19 (0) - 2 weeks ago - 0 replies 0