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Hi, you can do this in two ways.First: use script Tag like this<script>console.log("Hello World")</script>Second way: use a file and add this to your htmlcreate a file in you web root or in another folder of your webroot directory name it main.js then add this to your html file.<script type="text/javascript" src="main.js"></script>
thumbnail gallery modal view and key navigation

hello, since I don't really know Javascript, can you tell me how to link a js file into my website? I used <script> and it didn't work, do I have to add anything to the rows in html?
thumbnail gallery modal view and key navigation

and bootstrap 3? please? ...
BS4 Simple & Clean Pricing table

Sim, você pode usar este projeto em seu site, manter o CSS em sua página de estilo (.css)
Team Design Section with Pure CSS Effect

Eu posso usar este projeto no meu site, caso possa, como eu incorporo o ccs no html?
Seção de Design de Equipe de Trechos do Bootstrap com Efeito CSS Puro usando Bootstrap HTML CSS